Stressed about taking the U.S. bar exam as a foreign trained lawyer?

The FLBE Program has the answers you need 

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The FLBE Program will walk you through the U.S. bar exam process, step-by-step

“As a foreign-trained lawyer, navigating the U.S. bar exam is a difficult and stressful endeavor. I’ve been there, and I know how to help you.”

FLBE Program Creator, Celia Lerman

Topics Covered in the FLBE Program Include:

The LL.M and University in the U.S.

Studying Smart as a Foreign Lawyer

Preparing Effectively in 8 Weeks

Time Management During Preparation

Bar Exam Eligibility Requirements

Expenses for the Bar Exam 

Navigating the U.S. Job Market 

U.S. Visa Considerations 

The FLBE Program has you covered from A to Z

The program, content, interviews, community, consulting sessions and other personalized content offered in the FLBE Program packages will arm you with the tools you need to tackle the bar exam head-on. The FLBE Program has left no stone unturned, answering all of your most urgent questions and concerns so that you can be at ease during the lead-up to your exam.

  • Complete FLBE Program
  • Complete access to introductory How-Tos to start preparing for the FLBE
  • Full access to recorded interviews with international lawyers
  • Transcriptions of the interviews
  • Two 1v1 mentoring consultation[s] (30 minutes) with Celia
  • Recorded videos of your 1v1 sessions, uploaded to your account for future reference
  • Office hours every other week
  • Access to FLBE Community
  • Blog posts
  • Printables 
  • Complete FLBE Program
  • Complete access to introductory How-Tos to start preparing for the FLBE
  • Full access to recorded interviews with international lawyers
  • Transcriptions of the interviews
  • Blog Posts
  • Highlights from the Full FLBE Program
  • Complementary How-Tos to start preparing for the FLBE
  • Full access to recorded interviews with international lawyers
  • Blog posts

Ordinary bar-prep is not enough for the foreign trained lawyer

As a foreigner in the U.S., you are often forced to use bar-prep materials that are tailored for American J.D.-graduates. This is where the FLBE Program comes in, offering you practical advice, suggestions, and tips that will help you — the foreign trained lawyer — thrive before, during, and after your bar exam experience. 

Why the FLBE Program is important for you and your career aspirations

Admission to the bar serves as a crucial stepping stone for your career as an international lawyer. It bolsters your professional qualifications, formally permits you to practice law in the U.S., and provides you with a wealth of employment opportunities. Without admission, you are handicapped in a highly competitive American job market. With the FLBE Program at your disposal, you will be prepared to succeed on the U.S. bar exam and propel your career forward.

Helping you pass the U.S. Bar Exam is my mission 

My name is Celia Lerman, and I am a lawyer that specializes in intellectual property rights in the United States and Argentina. I am also on the faculty of the Torcuato Di Tella Law School in Buenos Aires. Over the past couple of years, I have received many requests for guidance from foreign trained lawyers who want to do the same thing that I did: obtain their license to practice law in the United States. In response to these increasing requests, I have created the FLBE Program — complete with a full course, interviews with international lawyers, consulting sessions, and other personalized content — to help foreign lawyers navigate the American bar exam process and jumpstart their international careers.

Not yet ready to jump into the program? That’s fine! This is why we have the free Intro to the FLBE Program, so you can learn a few of our tips and strategies, and get you started right away preparing for the Bar Exam in the best way!


"One of the things that attracted me to the FLBE Program was the curriculum developed by someone who is qualified as a foreign trained lawyer and has been in my position before."

Universidad de Buenos Aires Finance and Technology Lawyer.


"The FLBE Program gave me the skillset that other programs can not provide to foreign trained lawyers. The combination of guidance with mentorship is what distinguishes this program from the rest."

Universidad Torcuato Di Tella Tax Lawyer.


"Not only does the FLBE Program provide practical information for foreign trained lawyers, but also the guide provides a sense of community among people who are going through the same experiences."

Universidad de Chile Estate Planning Lawyer.

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