The Foreign Lawyers bar Exam Program

With this program, eight weeks of diligent preparation is all you need to succeed on the U.S. bar exam.

The FLBE Program offers a comprehensive overview of admission to the American bar from an international lawyer’s perspective. Depending on which package you purchase, you can gain access to a full course, recorded interviews with lawyers from around the globe, office hours every other week, two 1v1 consulting sessions, a community of colleagues, written articles, and other personalized content. These materials cover a broad range of subjects and are a depository of exam requirements and criteria, valuable personal advice, proven best-practices, and wise career mentorship. You will learn how to study for the exam effectively, manage a busy schedule, approach university studies in the U.S., account for expenses, plan for your visa, and pursue your career goals after the bar. The FLBE Program ultimately serves as a how-to manual for your life in the U.S. before, during, and after the bar exam. Purchase of the FLBE Program Mastery Package gives you personal mentorship consultations with Celia conducted over video chat, affording you the ability to seek personal advice from someone who has walked in your shoes and achieved incredible success. While the FLBE Program is not meant to replace bar-prep services that teach black letter law and offer content outlines, practice questions, and essay prompts, it is a toolbox of practical information that will help lessen stress and answer your most pressing questions. It is the perfect supplement to your traditional bar-prep program.

Topics covered in the FLBE
Program include: 

  • The LL.M. and University in the U.S.

  • Preparing Effectively in 8 Weeks

  • Time Management

  • Bar Exam Eligibility Requirements

  • Bar Exam Expenses

  • Visa Considerations

  • Test Day Essentials

  • Navigating the U.S. Job Market

  • And Much More!

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